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Embed Video Sales Letters on HTML
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This is a cloud based app that can embed videos with buy buttons, opt in forms, add really cool skins to them and much more.
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A must have cloudbased app to make sure you have all your links in order.


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  • Internet Marketing Focused WP Plugins with Resell Rights!
  1. One plugin per $10 Spent
  2. One more plugin each month from any recurring commission I get from any subscription products.
  • 1. Lite version   -$27
    2. Full Version  -$47
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  • Awesome NON WP Internet Marketing Software

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As long as you keep my hosting, you get unlimited FREE SSL certificates that you can install with one click from inside cPanel.

Huge money and time saver. No more SSL installation mess. 
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  • WP Marketing ToolBox Plugins
    Install premium plugins and themes from the biggest brands at no extra charge. 
  1. Autoresponder Plugins
  2. Membership Plugins
  3. Affiliate Plugins
  4. Backup Plugins
  5. List Building Plugins
  6. Video Plugins and more
  7. More...
  8. 1 Click Updates
  • $400+/YR Savings

  • WP Marketing ToolBox THEMES
    Install premium plugins and themes from the biggest brands at no extra charge.  
  1. woo
  2. woo commerce
  3. ithemes
  4. studio press
  5. elegant themes
  6. somothemes & more
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  • GRAPHICS BONUS: Choose 3 from below
Live Graphics Builder: Build All Kinds of Awesome Graphics 
Click Here To See The Video
eCoverSoft: Build All Kinds of Awesome eCovers 
Click Here To See The Video
InfoGraphicsKit: Drag and drop Stunning infographics
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SalesPage Graphics Creator.
  • Create Headlines
  • Create Bullet Points
  • Create guarantee boxes
  • Create testimonial boxes
  • And more 
Click Here To See The Video
Video Graphics Overlay
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YouTube Channel Art Creator 
  • Create Headlines
  • Create Bullet Points
  • Create guarantee boxes
  • Create testimonial boxes
  • And more 
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Get At least 12 months access to my Plugin Reseller Club.
Get 1 Plugin or Piece of Software to sell for each month. 
Here is Just ONE example:
Attendance Generators
SALES Generators
Give Away the Lite Version on your webinars! (Build List AND Attendance)
Sell the Pro Version on your webinars! (Make Money)
If you join a monthly payment plan, you will get something to sell each month for as long as I continue to get a recurring affiliate commission.
Get REAL Traffic with Social Post Manager
Watch This Video to See How:
  • Clone of this site: To do your own bonus promotions get the HTML version and the igloo template.
    (YOU DO NOT GET TO GIVE AWAY MY BONUSES... the purpose is to use it as a framework for your own bonus sites)
  • Webinar Attendance Generators 
  • Webinar Sales Generators
  • Training: How to do webinars that actually work 
  • Training: Home Studio on a budget
  • Training: Hangouts Training 
Hangouts Training: 

Give Away These 10 Videos for even More  Attendance Generators!

"Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Building a Thriving Email List and Increase Your Profits Starting Today"

    • You will learn how to break through and make a HUGE impact with your email campaign.
    • You’ll discover how to go about building your own list from scratch and using the very best tools to maintain and manage it.
    • More importantly though, you’ll learn the psychology behind a great list.
    • You’ll discover how to turn your subscribers into your biggest fans, how to create a real relationship with each member and how to turn those relationships into sales.
    • How to set up a mailing list with the right autoresponder, landing page builder and more.
    • How to use advanced features and strategies such as list segmentation and autoresponder sequences.
How to Become a Six-Figure Copywriter Starting TODAY
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